I would recommend Josh as an ABC practitioner with great enthusiasm. I have received ABC treatments on a regular basis for five years. I worked with two practitioners before I moved to Paonia and discovered Josh. Even though he is newer to this modality, I found him to be even more effective than the others. His commitment to my healing was very evident and supportive. Josh is very present with me in my adjustments and always willing to discuss any concerns or questions I have about what he is doing. I found him to be a true healer and a very loving and talented ABC Practitioner. Overall, I simply felt very safe and experienced a great deal of progress in the healing of my back and feeling at home and at ease in my body. Also, I saw in Josh the commitment to make this practice a priority in his life and experienced his passion to continue learning by traveling to many of the ABC trainings that go on in the US.

JW Haswell

As a 65 year old career arborist who still actually climbs the trees to trim them properly, my very livelihood is dependent upon the tone and flexibility of my body. In recent years I had begun to experience a limiting range of movement in my neck, that was accompanied by unsettling sounds of rasping and clicking, like calcium deposits grating against one another. After a few years of this worsening condition, and trying to resign myself to an aging anatomy, my friend Josh Roberts surprised me with his offer to address the issue. I was a bit skeptical, but when he assured me that his therapy was not going to start me down a path of endless chiropractic adjustments or massage sessions, I consented to just two of his type of adjustments. I was SO pleasantly surprised to find my neck restored to smooth, quiet, fluid motion! Josh’s explanation of the treatment made total sense and his assurance of relief has become my daily experience!


For as long as I can remember, I’ve had terrible posture! I would have to force my body to stand up straight. From my very first ABC adjustment, standing up straight is no longer an issue. When I started having ABC adjustments, my right rib cage was very compressed and did not expand correctly. After 9 months, I’m happy to say that my right rib cage is no longer compressed!


With some hesitation, I was about to go to a chiropractor again because of back pain and stiffness. Instead I gave Josh Roberts a try. After the fist session, my pain was 90% gone and I was feeling much better. Two sessions later my pain is 100% gone. Because of my busyness I haven’t been back for several weeks but am encouraged to keep going because I can tell there’s some more stiffness to work out. I also like getting good sleep at night and I want to keep this trend going.


I’ve suffered from my  scoliosis since I was around 8 yrs old. Traditional chiropractic always made me feel better temporarily, but now I realize how stiff I still felt. Since my first adjustment I feel less stiff and overall better. My lower back pain has decreased to almost zero and I can sweep and mop without being in extreme pain. I am so thankful to find ABC and something that produces long term results!